Application for Single Applicants

This is for not for applicants living in Israel.

Important Pointers:

  • Yeshivas Mir does not accept applicants younger than 18 and applicants that have not finished שיעור ב ישיבה גדולה.
  • An application fee will be required to be paid by credit card upon submission. Applications will not be processed without it.
  • All applications must be submitted along with a clear colored copy of your passport and a clear colored picture of the applicant.
  • Farhers can only be scheduled once we receive your completed application, passport and colored picture.
  • All applicants must prepare 3 blatt Gemara, Rashi, Tosfos, and a Shtikel Torah from those 3 blatt that you learned in Yeshiva this zman.
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Student Information / מידע על התלמיד

Parent - Family Information / משפחה

Contact Info


Yeshivos / ישיבות

- Press Add More to add additional previous Yeshivos.
If you attended the same yeshiva for High School and Bais Medrash, please fill in the Yeshiva's information twice. Once by current yeshiva and once by Previous Yeshiva.
Yeshiva applicant is currently learning in
Previous Yeshiva
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Maggid shiur applying to/מג"ש שאתה מעוניין להירשם

You may click on the ADD MORE button to add additional Maggidei Shiur whose shiur you would like to apply to.
If you are unsure which Shiur you would like to join, you can choose the "I don't know" in the dropdown
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References / ממליצים

References should be from your current Yeshiva. / מהישיבה הנוכחית שלך
Please provide references who are available to answer the phone. We DO NOT commit to inquire at the references you provided. / נא לבחור ממליצים הזמינים לטלפון, אמנם איננו מתחיבים לברר דוקא אצלם
Reference 1
Reference 2
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Emergency Contacts / איש קשר במקרה חירום

Not in Israel - not parents / בחו"ל- לא הורים
In Israel / בישראל

Farhers / מבחן

נא להכין למבחן 3 דפי גמרא, רש"י, תוס' ושטיקל תורה מתוך הלימוד של סדר א' שלמדת עכשיו
  • All applicants are required to take a farher.
  • All applicants who are currently learning in a Yeshiva in חו" ל must take their farher BEFORE coming to Israel.
  • To schedule a farher, please contact our office the first week of Chodesh Tamuz.
  • Admission to the Yeshiva is only once you receive your farher answer from the Admissions office.
א. כל הנרשמים חייבים להיבחן
ב. חובה על כל הנרשמים מחו"ל, הלומדים בחו"ל להיבחן לפני הגעתם ארצה
ג. כדי לקבוע בחינה , נא ליצ ור קשר עם ה מ ש ר ד בשבוע הראשון של חודש תמוז
ד. הכניסה לישיבה היא רק לאחר שתקבל תשובה חיובית ממשרד הקבלה

You will only be able to schedule a farher once we receive a copy of your passport and a clear colored picture of yourself.

Application Fee / דמי הרשמה

Upon submitting your application, you will be redirected to process your credit card fee.
The application fee is non-refundable.
We cannot accept American Express credit card for Sterling Pound payments. Sorry for the inconvenience.

$175 US Funds – NON European and NON Canadian Students ONLY
$225 Canadian Funds – Canadian Students ONLY
£140 Sterling Pound – European Students ONLY